Unscheduled Love

I’m a firstborn and most definitely a Type A personality. I love organization and and planning, and usually have a schedule of what my day is going to look like in my head before I ever get out of bed in the morning. During the week I wake up, eat breakfast, work out, shower, then do any chores that need to be taken care of around the house before I go to work. 

Brandon and I haven’t had a lot of time together this week due to opposite work schedules and other things we’ve had going on. I woke up this morning with my usual schedule in my head, but Brandon had some time to kill before he had to start working on the plumbing for our house. I had a choice: stick to my schedule (I was all dressed and ready to head to Group Power) or throw the schedule to the wind and take advantage of some unexpected together time with my hubs. I ended up skipping my workout to spend the morning with Brandon. This morning, spending time with my hubby was more important that my “to do” list or my daily workout. I think our time together meant even more to Brandon because he knows how important routine is to me and I was willing to give it up for a day to be with him. He asked why I didn’t go to the gym this morning and I told him, “because I wanted to be with you.” 



                         “Happily ever after is not a fairy tale. It’s a choice.”  – Fawn Weaver of The Happy Wives Club

It’s those little choices that strengthen relationships. When Brandon said he wanted to spend time with me this morning, I sat at the kitchen table thinking through my options. I had already planned on going to the gym – I was even dressed and ready to go. I could just tell Brandon that and he would understand, then we could spend time together after work tonight. But I knew that I would be tired after work and that our time together would be more meaningful if I made it a priority instead of pushed it off for later. So I decided to forgo the gym and spend the morning cuddling with my hubby. Life falls into a routine and I end up doing things on autopilot without really thinking through them. I hope that I will keep my eyes open more often for opportunities like this to break out of the monotony of routine and take advantage of the chance to show the people around me what they mean to me – not just Brandon, but my friend, family, and coworkers too.


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