Ride On

Over the weekend, I had to film myself teaching a Group Ride class to complete my Group Ride/Cardio30 certification. I haven’t been teaching Group Ride, just Cardio30, but to be certified for both my video had to be of me teaching a Ride class. I’m super comfortable teaching Cardio30 and I never get nervous before class, but for some reason this Ride video was stressing me out. Of course, any time I’m being critiqued on something I get really nervous…most people do, I think. So, just the fact that I was being videoed and have to send that video in to be certified gave me some nerves. 

Fortunately, I was just teaching to my family and one of my coworkers and they made me feel really comfortable. I needed at least 5 people in the class in order to meet the requirements for the certification. One of my coworkers who went through the Ride training with me was sweet enough to volunteer. My family filled out the rest of the class…they’re so great about helping me when I need it! I really appreciated it because I know for a fact that a Group Ride class was pretty low on Brandon and Coby’s list of things they’d like to be doing on a Sunday afternoon. They were good sports, though, and never complained.

ImageDon’t they look like they’re having fun???

Before the class started, they decided to do a little synchronized family gymnastics.


I’m not entirely sure that the bikes are approved for that sort of use, but no one cracked their head open, so I think we’re fine.

It’s such a relief to have that out of the way! I didn’t even watch the video before I sent it in because it’s sooooo awkward to watch myself on camera!! But, hey, I was there for the whole class, so I know it went alright. I’m soooo thankful for a family that supports me in the things I pursue. Dad and Mom have both been to my Cardio30 class and Brandon never complains when I play the cheesy demo videos over and over while trying to learn a routine. 

photo (5)


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