My Fave Part Of The Remodel: Decorating!!

Now that the walls are up on our house and it’s actually starting to look like..well, a house, I’m getting excited to decorate! I don’t understand blueprints and I can’t quite envision what our home will look like when Brandon patiently describes it to me, but with the walls up and now *gasp* stairs(!) I’m starting to picture what the inside will look like. 

Pinterest has been my best friend lately… Honestly, it usually is my best friend, I just mean that I’ve transitioned from spending hours laughing hysterically to myself at all the corny pins in the “Humor” section, to drooling over the beautiful rooms and decorations in the Home Decor section. I’ve spent hours scrolling through the Home Decor and DIY sections dreaming all the projects I will do and how I will decorate. Sadly, Brandon actually has an opinion when it comes to decorating. (Aren’t husbands supposed to hand you money and say, “I don’t care. Whatever you want is fine”??? J/K I actually do appreciate that he cares about how our home looks.) The problem is that our styles are a tad bit different. Brandon is into antiques and mid-century modern and I like a contemporary/traditional look. Blending our styles is sometimes fun and sometimes challenging. It can be kinda fun to branch out and try to find ways to combine Brandon’s statue of a Japanese tanuki with our treasure chest.

photo (8)Doesn’t look so bad, right? But if you don’t know what a tanuki is, go ahead and Google it. You’ll quickly understand how much love for my hubby it took for me to display that thing in my home. It’s a piece of decor that I’m sure boys would get a kick out of, but not exactly the classy piece that I wanted to start my first home with.

Decorating is like all other aspects of marriage, it requires compromise and letting go of some of the things you wanted to allow your spouse to have the things he wants. Now, when I search Pinterest for inspiration or go shopping, I try to look at things through Brandon’s eyes as well.  I’m excited to start decorating our new home and to pick out new paint and tile, and I’m excited to see what the blend of our personal styles will look like. Don’t get me wrong, the process is frustrating sometimes. There are times when we go shopping and point out things that we like and I think, “Really, you like that??” But deep down, I like that Brandon has an opinion about our home style and that he has a creative eye. Seriously, some of the things he thinks of blow my mind. For instance, he wants to find an old pull-down map to mount above our flat screen TV. When we’re not watching TV, we can pull the map down to cover the TV. Something along the lines of this map…minus the couch …and cat. Though I’d totally take the cat! Anyway, the idea is genius! 

wall_map2Photo cred via


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