Work Fun (Oxymoron? I Think Not)

One of the reasons I love my job is because it’s FUN! Every quarter, we have what we call Launch Week. It’s like spirit week in high school – all our classes launch new music and routines, we dress up, have contests and prizes, and celebrate being part of a community that loves making fitness fun. We have a theme for each Launch and this particular theme is Go Big. 

We started Launch Week with a huge Group Power class at the park downtown. 6 instructors and over 300 members and employees worked out together on a beautiful sunny Saturday morning. You can check out pictures here.

For my Cardio30 class on Monday, I decked out my bike.Image

My ET set up was a hit! I love dressing up for work!! Monday, I wore an 80’s workout get up, Tuesday was Hawaiian day, and yesterday..oh yesterday was awesome!! One of my coworkers wore a banana costume, another dressed as a grape (we taped balloons all over him) and I was a watermelon. Pictures are posted on our company Facebook page, here and here. It’s been so fun!!! I’m not really sure what to wear tonight; I’m running out of ideas..and funds. Plus, my brother-in-law’s birthday is today, so I’m leaving work early and I won’t even have a costume on for long. And I need to figure out another idea for my Cardio30 class tomorrow morning. Any ideas??? I want something creative and I don’t want to have to spend a lot of money. I might just use ET again. If a costume works, work it hard, right?? :p


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