I Always Wanted An Indoor Pool

…but I wasn’t planning on turning my whole second floor into a pool. Unfortunately, Mother Nature had other plans. Saturday evening we got a crazy thunderstorm. I was at a baby shower Saturday afternoon and it started dripping a bit, but nothing crazy. The sky was super dark though, so you could tell a storm was coming. When I left the shower (haha we got a rain shower during the baby shower), the sky was pretty dark but the party was on the opposite end of town from where we live. As I was driving home, it looked sunny on the side of town I live on. I got about a half mile from home, though, and the skies completely opened up and it started pouring. 

I pulled onto our road just behind my mother-in-law who had ran to her house to grab us some tarp (bless her heart). I ran inside just long enough to drop off my purse, change out of my flip flops into shoes that I wouldn’t face plant in while running in the rain, and grab my rain jacket. Brandon was already on the top floor struggling to divert the water from pooling on our second floor. 

Now, mind you, this is Oregon, so we knew rain was inevitable at some point during this process. We knew we had been lucky to not get rain before this point. In fact, we had bought a gigantic $150 40×60 foot tarp in case of just such an emergency. My penny pinching self gulped at spending $150 on a dang tarp, but I consoled myself with the fact that we could return it if we didn’t need to use it. Sadly, we had to use it. Brandon tore open the package and I heard my $150 go right down the drain with all that rain. No time to cry though, we had to put that sucker up quick. Fortunately, our neighbor came running over in the downpour and offered to help (bless his heart too). He had been taking a nap when his wife woke him up and said, “It’s raining and Brandon’s struggling to put the tarp up. Go help him!” That’s what every good wife is for, right? Nudging her man into action. He was a big help getting that massive tarp up, and he ran back home to get his shop vacuum for us to vacuum up the water that had pooled in the house after we got the tarp up.ImageImage

Who needs a roof?? The tarp adds a nice blue ambiance. 

I was so distracted by getting the tarp up that I didn’t realize that water had also managed to come in through our light fixtures and down the walls in our daylight basement where we live. My sweet mother-in-law put buckets under all our lights and was busy wiping up the water that was streaking down the walls. We have a light right above our bed, so we had a nice little waterfall coming down into the center of our bed. We had to wash and dry our sheets, comforter, and mattress pad. (Sidenote: I had just mopped the day before and put clean sheets on our bed a few days before that – why do I bother??) So, about 1am, when our bedding was finally dry and our leaks had stopped, we were finally able to go to bed. 

We borrowed a few fans to dry out our area rug and propped one to blow under our floor where some water leaked. 

photo (5) photo (6)


It was definitely an eventful weekend, cleaning up what the storm blew in, but everything’s dried out now and the building has resumed. We were fortunate to be able to get all the water mopped up pretty quick and it was warm enough that everything dried out pretty quick. This’ll make a great story in my remodel scrapbook. ;p


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