Kitchen Adventures

Last week, I made dinner. This is what happened…



My grandma and I had gone to a local produce stand and bought some tasty looking corn on the cob. I’ve never actually made corn on the cob before, so naturally, I Googled it. Isn’t it great that when we don’t know something, we can just type it into a little search box and endless resources pop up?? Seriously, what did people do before Google?? Eat raw corn on the cob, probably. 

The smoke detector had to be taken down while I made the steaks to go with our corn. They were burnt well done. 

You can see why I don’t cook often. 

On the other hand, I’m pretty much a pro at baking. I had a freezer full of bananas that needed to be used up, so I decided to make blueberry banana muffins for my worker bees. I didn’t have a banana muffin recipe on hand, so I used my handy dandy All Recipes app one my iPhone to search for one. This app is awesome! I can’t even count how many great recipes I’ve found using it. I love to read the reviews on the recipes and see what other people suggest as far as substitutions and tweaks. I also love that you can “favorite” recipes you like or want to have easy access to. It’s so easy to pull up my favorite recipes to use whenever I want. I used the recipe for Banana Muffins II and just added a handful of blueberries to it. I also used brown sugar instead of white sugar like some of the reviews suggested. They were so moist and yummy!! Mmmm! They got the Grandpa-seal-of-approval, which is sayin’ somethin’ because my grandpa loves blueberry muffins. 



My absolute favorite recipe from All Recipes is Pancakes I. I make these pancakes almost every weekend. Growing up, I always had pancakes from a bagged mix. For awhile, it was a Saturday morning tradition for Dad to whip up some pancakes and I loved it! A few weeks into our marriage, I wanted to make pancakes for Brandon for a Sunday morning breakfast, like a good little wife. I didn’t have any pancake mix, so I looked up a recipe on All Recipes. The Pancakes I recipe got rave reviews, so I gave it a shot and it’s been my go-to recipe ever since. I use applesauce instead of vegetable oil and usually either leave out the sugar or sub honey instead. I also add cinnamon and chia seeds, but other than that I stick to the recipe. 😛 They’re the perfect weekend breakfast! 


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