Monday Mash

This post is going to be kinda all over the place, so bear with me. hehe

Last week was my first week of teaching Cardio30, a 30-minute cardio class on a bike. I love it so far! Cycling is really a great workout. I sweat more when I’m in a cycling class than I do in any other workout. And it gives you great legs! 😉

Whitney's Photos 346

Whitney's Photos 320

The second floor of our house is starting to take shape. Last week, the guys put up the floor and today, they are framing the walls. I should have two 2nd-story walls by the end of the evening! 

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Brandon and Grandpa with their heads together. Lots of planning and strategizing goes on up on that roof.

Brandon and I went up on the roof over the weekend to enjoy the view and do  some planning and dreaming. I tried to get a picture of us and capture the gorgeous view of downtown Salem in the background. Well, that didn’t work out so well..I’m not the best at taking self portraits. This was my best attempt.

Whitney's Photos 331


Then Brandon tried, and his attempt was a bit better.

Whitney's Photos 343

I came across this article on the Tia and Tamera website this morning titled Stop Changing Yourself to Please Others. I’ve struggled, as I know many people have, with a desire to change to gain acceptance from other people. I want people to approve of me and I’m crushed when it feels like someone doesn’t like me or is disappointed with me. The article addresses this and points out that when we can’t change to please other people, we feel like something must be wrong with us. But the author points out that, “rejection does not define you.” I love that line. Just because a person does not approve of me does not mean that something is wrong with me; it doesn’t even mean that something is wrong with that other person, it just means that we don’t mesh. By being myself, I attract people who are interested in me for who I am and who I genuinely connect with. Not everyone needs to like me, and I don’t need to take it personally when they don’t. Just my food for thought for the day. 🙂 I got the article in my e-mail this morning and liked what it had to say. I thought I’d share it so that we can all start our week being confident in who we are and not feeling like we have to be someone else. Love YOU because there is no one like you and you are awesome!


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