Pass Me A Sledgehammer

Now that the weather is consistently nice, Brandon has turned his attention to remodeling our house. This is what it looked like before we started the remodel.



Before we got married, Brandon remodeled the daylight basement on the bottom of the house. We’ve lived in the studio/daylight basement since we got married a year and a half ago. 

Now we’re finally ready to take on the crazy huge task of ripping off the roof and adding a second story! This is what I came home to on Tuesday:

ImagePoor turret. 😦 Everyone was sad to see him go. Check out the comments I got when I posted this picture on Instagram:


On Wednesday, my grandpa came over and he and Brandon really went to town rippin’ the house apart.







I tried to play the good wife, and went grocery shopping for lunch stuff and Gatorade. Those boys were workin’ hard in the heat and needed some fuel. I got home from the grocery store just as my mother-in-law pulled up with some lunch (great minds think alike). Between the two of us, we put out quite a spread for our workers.

Thursday, Grandpa came back to help again and our neighbor got in on the action. He had seen that we were doing some work and he had some construction experience, so he volunteered to help! We were so grateful for an extra set of hands! I even got out and threw debris into the dumpster for awhile. (You can all take a moment to be impressed.)

ImageAnd, boy, was there ever a ton of debris! It will never again be safe to walk barefoot in our grass. I’m not sure we’ll ever be able to get all the glass out!

ImageFriday, I came home from work to this…Image

Grandpa came back to help and brought my brother, Coby, along. There are seriously only 2 walls left and the rest of the house is in little bitty slivers all over the yard. We already filled up one 30-foot dumpster and are on #2. It’s kinda scary and kinda exciting. I’m definitely ready to be moving upstairs and this week of demolition is a sure sign it’s actually going to happen! It’s an absolute mess right now..something I usually can’t stand, but I’m okay with it because it means we get to start building soon. And that’s the fun part, right?? I can’t wait to see it all come together!

Today, Brandon’s family and a few friends volunteered to come over and help clean up our mess. I’m anxious to get home from work and see what the house looks like today! We’ve been really blessed to have family and friends who are so helpful and encouraging! By the time our house is finished, there will be fingerprints from so many people all over it!







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