Sunriver Race Weekend

Despite my less than stellar 1st half marathon, the Pacific Crest weekend was pretty great. My dad had an awesome race – he did the half as well. And my mom ran her first 5k. 



After the half marathon, we all went back to the house to shower our stink off…and I downed a TON of Gatorade. Our race entry came with a free beer from Deschutes Brewery and the band, Hit Machine, was playing a concert in downtown Sunriver, so we headed downtown for the evening. 





Sunday morning was Mom’s 5k. We were sooooo excited for her!!! 

ImageIt was a beautiful day for a run! Mom totally rocked it! I even think we might have got her hooked because she’s already talking about her next run. I’m thinking I’m gonna start running the 5ks with Mom and leave Dad to run the long runs on his own.Image

After all that hard runnin’ work, what do you suppose we did the rest of the weekend? Laid by the poooooooooool!! It was fabulous! I was sad to come home…but then, I’m always sad to come home from Sunriver. 

Oh, and you know what else happened that weekend? This…

ImageCoby is officially taller than me! All my “little” brothers are bigger than me. It makes me sad.



Even though it wasn’t my best run, it was still a really great weekend. I love that my family can participate in these kinds of events together. Even before Mom started running with us, she always went to the race expos with us and was there for our runs. Brandon is the same. For the Shamrock run this year, both Mom and Brandon froze their backsides off to cheer Dad and I on. That’s most of the reason I like running, actually, for community and the spirit around it. Running itself is painful…and boring. 😛 So thanks, Muscle Milk, for funding our races and providing us with one more race bib and medal to add to the family collection!








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