Hammers and Saws

The hammers never cease around here. Walls are going up and it’s starting to look like an actual house.

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Team work at it’s finest.

Speaking of team work, it’s official – Grandpa is part of the “Fahlman Construction” team.

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My father-in-law is a licensed contractor and all his sons have worked with him at some point. He had t-shirts made a few years ago, and brought one for Grandpa.

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Even I got one! I’m technically a Fahlman so they had to give me one, even if they most work I’ve done is sweep and pick up pieces of broken glass and roofing material.

There is rain in the forecast for later in the week, so the guys are working hard to get a top on the house. I seriously doubt in will actually rain, but in Oregon you never know. While the guys have been working their tails off to get the house up, I’ve been working my tail off trying to come up with ways to feed them. Boys eat a lot!! I think I’ve been to the grocery store every day this week. Meal planning and cooking is not my strong suit, but I’m thinking I need to start practicing because the least I can do for my non-paid workers is make sure they’re fed. Any ideas for filling, inexpensive meals that the guys can eat on the job? I’ve stocked up on Gatorade because it’s been super hot this summer and I don’t want anyone passing out on the job. Seriously, Gatorade should sponsor our project. :p

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The only problem with the remodel is how dusty it makes my house. I vacuum off my kitchen table and bed everyday – no joke. My sweet father-in-law came in the house yesterday and said, “Boy, it’s dusty in here.” The sarcasm was out of my mouth before I could stop it, “Yup, can’t imagine why.” He was genuinely confused, “Is that from us??” Haha I didn’t have the heart to tell him that yes, it was, and I had already vacuumed once that day and it was still dusty. Oh well, small price to pay. I’ll vacuum every day for as long as it takes to get my house finished.


Lookin’ Better

In my last post, I said I couldn’t wait to get home and see the progress that had been made on my house. This is what I came home to.photo photo (1)So much cleaner and more organized! And it doesn’t even look like a house anymore! With only a wall and a half still standing, Brandon is basically building the house from the ground up.

Fortunately, he had help cleaning up all the pieces of wood and roofing. photo (3)

Brandon’s Dad, Mom and bros spent the day cleaning up the property a bit. I have my mother-in-law to thank for the photos!

photo (2)

I believe this is dumpster #2. For such a small house, there sure was a lot to dispose of!

It was so nice to come home and see so much of the mess cleaned up. We still have a ton of glass and small pieces of wood in our yard, but it looks way better without all the big pieces of scraps. It looked so nice that when I got home, I decided to sit in my new “house” and read.

photo (4)I sat on the edge of the floor where a wall used to be and enjoyed the afternoon sunshine. (Mom, don’t worry, I was careful and didn’t fall off the edge of the house!) In the evening, it’s actually really nice to go up to the house and enjoy the view and the breeze (it’s been way cooler outside than in our house the last few nights). Last night, we even had my brother-in-law and his girlfriend over for dinner and we ate it on the roof/floor (I’m not really sure what to call it – it’s the roof of the basement, but the floor of the future house). The boys carried our kitchen table up to the roof/floor and we had a nice little picnic dinner in what will eventually be our living room. Today, walls will go up! 

Pass Me A Sledgehammer

Now that the weather is consistently nice, Brandon has turned his attention to remodeling our house. This is what it looked like before we started the remodel.



Before we got married, Brandon remodeled the daylight basement on the bottom of the house. We’ve lived in the studio/daylight basement since we got married a year and a half ago. 

Now we’re finally ready to take on the crazy huge task of ripping off the roof and adding a second story! This is what I came home to on Tuesday:

ImagePoor turret. 😦 Everyone was sad to see him go. Check out the comments I got when I posted this picture on Instagram:


On Wednesday, my grandpa came over and he and Brandon really went to town rippin’ the house apart.







I tried to play the good wife, and went grocery shopping for lunch stuff and Gatorade. Those boys were workin’ hard in the heat and needed some fuel. I got home from the grocery store just as my mother-in-law pulled up with some lunch (great minds think alike). Between the two of us, we put out quite a spread for our workers.

Thursday, Grandpa came back to help again and our neighbor got in on the action. He had seen that we were doing some work and he had some construction experience, so he volunteered to help! We were so grateful for an extra set of hands! I even got out and threw debris into the dumpster for awhile. (You can all take a moment to be impressed.)

ImageAnd, boy, was there ever a ton of debris! It will never again be safe to walk barefoot in our grass. I’m not sure we’ll ever be able to get all the glass out!

ImageFriday, I came home from work to this…Image

Grandpa came back to help and brought my brother, Coby, along. There are seriously only 2 walls left and the rest of the house is in little bitty slivers all over the yard. We already filled up one 30-foot dumpster and are on #2. It’s kinda scary and kinda exciting. I’m definitely ready to be moving upstairs and this week of demolition is a sure sign it’s actually going to happen! It’s an absolute mess right now..something I usually can’t stand, but I’m okay with it because it means we get to start building soon. And that’s the fun part, right?? I can’t wait to see it all come together!

Today, Brandon’s family and a few friends volunteered to come over and help clean up our mess. I’m anxious to get home from work and see what the house looks like today! We’ve been really blessed to have family and friends who are so helpful and encouraging! By the time our house is finished, there will be fingerprints from so many people all over it!






Sunriver Race Weekend

Despite my less than stellar 1st half marathon, the Pacific Crest weekend was pretty great. My dad had an awesome race – he did the half as well. And my mom ran her first 5k. 



After the half marathon, we all went back to the house to shower our stink off…and I downed a TON of Gatorade. Our race entry came with a free beer from Deschutes Brewery and the band, Hit Machine, was playing a concert in downtown Sunriver, so we headed downtown for the evening. 





Sunday morning was Mom’s 5k. We were sooooo excited for her!!! 

ImageIt was a beautiful day for a run! Mom totally rocked it! I even think we might have got her hooked because she’s already talking about her next run. I’m thinking I’m gonna start running the 5ks with Mom and leave Dad to run the long runs on his own.Image

After all that hard runnin’ work, what do you suppose we did the rest of the weekend? Laid by the poooooooooool!! It was fabulous! I was sad to come home…but then, I’m always sad to come home from Sunriver. 

Oh, and you know what else happened that weekend? This…

ImageCoby is officially taller than me! All my “little” brothers are bigger than me. It makes me sad.



Even though it wasn’t my best run, it was still a really great weekend. I love that my family can participate in these kinds of events together. Even before Mom started running with us, she always went to the race expos with us and was there for our runs. Brandon is the same. For the Shamrock run this year, both Mom and Brandon froze their backsides off to cheer Dad and I on. That’s most of the reason I like running, actually, for community and the spirit around it. Running itself is painful…and boring. 😛 So thanks, Muscle Milk, for funding our races and providing us with one more race bib and medal to add to the family collection!







Pacific Crest Half Marathon Experience

After my last post about how nervous and ill-prepared I felt for my first half marathon, you’d think I’d be anxious to jump back on my blog and tell you all about how it went! Yeeeeeah, so it’s been almost 2 weeks and I haven’t posted about my half marathon. Or posted at all, for that matter. I’ve been busy with work, the 4th of July and birthdays…but those are excuses, so I’ll just get on with half marathon fun.



Fun? Did I say fun?? It was brutal!! Remember how I worried that I hadn’t been training as I should the last few weeks before the race and I was afraid it’d be really hard? Those fears were definitely valid. 

My first concern was the weather. It was predicted to be 85 and sunny on the day of the run. Beautiful weather for pool lounging, but not so great for running. Last year, the weather for the Pacific Crest was rainy and about 50 degrees. I like running when it’s cold because I don’t like being overly hot and running warms me up just enough so that I’m not cold. When I saw 80 degrees in the forecast, I got a little nervous, but I figured if I just paced myself and kept hydrated I’d be okay. 

The first 3 miles were great! I felt awesome and the pace felt good. Then I heard my Map My Fitness app call out my pace and I realized that I was going at a really fast pace for me. So I tried so slow down to conserve some energy for the second half of the race. Unfortunately, when you’re already slow, slowing down even more basically means walking. I was okay with that as long as it meant I could finish the race strong.



Strong?? By mile 9 I was just hoping I’d finish at all! The heat and lack of training caught up with me and every step was painful. At the beginning of the run, I was sweating buckets and by just a little over halfway through I stopped sweating at all…pretty sure that’s not good.

I will say that it was much more pleasurable to run because the scenery was so beautiful. The course was partially along the river.


Isn’t it gorgous!? It was nice to have something pretty to look at to distract me from how painful each step was.

When I finally finished, a little over 3 hours later, I was felt relieved..and tired..and terrible.Image

I even looked like I felt like crap.

I was so glad I did it and it felt great to accomplish something I had been wanting to do, even if it was hard. That almost makes it even more satisfying – knowing that I did what I set out to do, even though it wasn’t easy.