A Week Crammed Into One Post

Whew! Time flies! This morning, I woke up and realized that I haven’t posted anything in over a week! I kept meaning to, but things kept coming up and I’d tell myself I’ll post tomorrow, then something comes up tomorrow and I say I’ll post the following day.Today I’m actually gonna do it! 

I didn’t post last weekend because I spent all of Saturday and Sunday at a Group Ride training (Group Ride is my gym’s spin class). We spent a lot of time listening to pumpin’ music and pedaling our little leggies off. It was great! But I was pretty sore and tired for the next couple of days. Silly me, I decided that I didn’t need a day off of working out after that long weekend, so I went to a pilates/yoga class on Monday and on a run on Tuesday. By Wednesday, when I was exhausted and my legs were still sore, I realized that maybe I did need a rest after all. (duh)

Wednesday was also an awesome day because my little bro graduated from middle school!!!!Image

Yay, Coby!! High school better look out!

After his grad ceremony, we went to Limeberry for frozen yogurt. Mmmm!Image

The men. Brandon, Coby, Dad and Brice.Image

You have to wonder how much thought went into this card. “Happy birthday”?? Really?? It made for some good laughs when everyone read it, though. It’s like that scene from the Christmas movie, “Jingle All The Way,” where the husband is talking to the wife on the phone from work and he says, “Bye, and remember you’re my number one customer!” Well, maybe not exactly like that. Image

Yesterday, I decided to be domestic and take advantage of the summer weather, so my mom and I went to pick strawberries. I was quite proud of myself for spending a hour in the heat, putting my hands in dirt and plants and not complaining about bugs. Leaps and bounds better I was when my mom would take me to pick berries when I was, like, 8 and would cry every time I saw a bug. Image

I took them home, washed them all, and cut up a bunch for strawberry shortcake. Don’t they look delish!!?? I want to eat them ALLLLLL!!! With the rest, I’m gonna attempt to make freezer jam. Wish me luck! Any tips or tricks would be greatly appreciated! I’ll try not to sneeze in my jam too many times since my allergies are now killing me thanks to spending the afternoon in a field. ImageSo that’s what you missed while I was slacking on my blogging. You really missed out, huh? Bet you were dying. Well, you can rest easy now and enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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