Free Samples, Teeny Tiny Things and Pilates

Yesterday, a new health food store opened in town, so Brandon, his mom, and I went on a little field trip. I decided that since it’s a health food store, I should wear my Toms so that I would look the part.Image The first thing we did was enter every single drawing in the store. Because it was the grand opening, there were lots of contests and free samples. I scored a whole purse-full of mini Cliff Bar and Luna Bar samples! My mother-in-law also bought me a super cute teeny tiny water bottle. I love teeny things!! It will match my teeny tiny coffee cup.Image

I’m considering staging a photo shoot with my little bitty water bottle and coffee mug and my tiny Luna bar samples and making it look like I’m a giant. Image

I also bought a copy of Women’s Running magazine. It just so happens that this issue highlighted half marathons and I’m running my first half marathon in exactly a month. I got some good tips and it made me wanna buy new running clothes. The magazine also came with a copy of Women’s Triathlon magazine. I read them both last night and now I wanna sign up for a sprint triathlon. Call me crazy.

Today, I decided to go to a Pilates class at the gym I work at. Image

I decided that I need to incorporate Pilates into my weekly workout routine because my flexibility is nil. I couldn’t even get my legs straight for leg circles and when I did them my muscles shook like jello. All the older ladies in the class were showing me up.

Side note: I just painted my nails and I was in a hurry to be able to use my hands again, so I decided to try a new nail drying technique I had heard about. I sprayed my nails with non-stick cooking spray. It works!! Oh my goodness! I was skeptical, but geez, my nails didn’t feel tacky at all!Image



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