A Few Random Wednesday Things

Yesterday I ran 5 miles without feeling like I was gonna die! Wooo!! Image

I ran through Riverfront park while they were mowing the grass and cotton was flying all over the place. It was grand. My allergies loved me. Actually, it wasn’t that bad. Halfway through my run it started raining, and it was nice because it cooled me off and kept the cotton down (for the record, that’s the only time rain is ever nice). 

I designated today a stretch and yoga day to loosen up my legs from yesterday’s run and the weekend’s bike ride. I was searching YouTube for yoga videos when I came across this gem. You really need to watch it.


Awesome, right?? I wish I had a kitty that would do that with me. I have a hard time believing most cats would put up with that.

Also, I was at Winco yesterday and found this beauty…Image

Oh my goodness, it’s soooooo tasty!!!! Girl Scout Thin Mints and coffee…Why did no one think of this combo before???


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