Memorial Weekend

For Memorial Weekend, Brandon and I went to my favorite place in the whole world – Sunriver!  My grandparents have a vacation house in Sunriver and so sweetly let Brandon and I stay at their house for the weekend. It’s always awesome to get away from everything and be together just the 2 of us for a few days. We, of course, had to start our trip with coffee. If I don’t have caffeine while I’m driving, I’ll fall asleep.

Whitney's Photos 033


This is my absolute favorite view of the whole drive – the distance between Sisters and Bend. I love that you can see all 3 of the Sisters mountains and Broken Top Mountain. Whitney's Photos 032

One of my favorite things to do while in Sunriver is to go bike riding. Sunriver has great bike paths, so I don’t have to worry about getting hit by a car…which is a big reason I don’t ever wanna ride my bike at home – it’s scary.  Saturday morning, we woke up all excited to bike the Benham Falls mountain biking trail but one of the bikes had a flat tire. No biggie – there’s a gas station barely 1/4 mile from my grandparent’s house where we usually put air in the bike tires. We limped to the gas station and the air pump was out of order!! Lame! How is a machine full of AIR out of order?? So we limped back home and decided to put the bike in the car and drive it downtown to the bike shop to fill the tire with air… but the bike didn’t fit in our car. Sooooo we got in our car and drove to the bike shop to buy a bike pump. Being a resort town, they were ridiculously overpriced. The one the saleslady tried to sell us was $40 and the cheapest one was $25. I’ve already mentioned that I love a good deal, and that is NOT a good deal…So we planned to go into Bend to go to Walmart later in the day. The bike ride would just have to wait. *sigh*

BUT going into Bend ended up being a good idea because the band, Cake, was playing a concert at the outdoor amphitheater. Cake is special to us because back when we were dating, Brandon made me a CD of rock songs because every time he asked, “have you heard that song?” about pretty much any song, I had never heard it before. Anywho..”Short Skirt Long Jacket” was on that CD. Being the cheapos we are, we didn’t buy tickets for the concert, but you could hear it really well from the shopping center on the opposite side of the river so we planted ourselves next to an outdoor fireplace and ordered a drink so the waiter would let us stay there.

Whitney's Photos 037


Then we started seeing people in kayaks out in the river. Genius!! Next time, we’re totally getting a kayak!Whitney's Photos 039

And THEN it started raining and we wished we had a tent like these guys. 

Whitney's Photos 040


I totally want a do-over.

Sunday, we finally got our bike ride in. 12 miles of mountain biking.Whitney's Photos 050 Whitney's Photos 041We biked the Benham Falls trail along the Deschutes River and it was GORGEOUS!Whitney's Photos 047 Whitney's Photos 046

Whitney's Photos 048 Whitney's Photos 043 Whitney's Photos 045 Whitney's Photos 049


Beautiful, right?? I’m so glad we finally got our bike ride in…and that I didn’t hit a rock and die. Did I mention my bike only had front brakes?? Yeah, there were a few moments where survival was hit or miss. I’m kinda hard core that way. Later that evening, we went on a 4 mile walk. So I’ve pretty much met my workout quota for the week and just get to sit on my behind the rest of the week…Just kidding…kinda.

Wow, this was long. Sorry…Long weekend, long post. Hopefully the pictures kept it from being too boring. Here’s 2 more to make up for it…cuz you just love pictures of me and Brandy Boy.Whitney's Photos 035 Whitney's Photos 036


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