Summertime and Allergies

The sun comes out, the birds sing, the air is warm and breezy. I go outside and lift my face to the sunshine to soak in the warmth….and I sneeze. Yup, it’s springtime in the northwest. I love spring and summer because, for 8-9 months out of the year, Oregon is gray and rainy and depressing, and my body craves the warmth and happiness of sunshine. Well, most of my body does, anyway. The part with allergies is not a fan. I’m not sure what exactly triggers my allergies, but I think it’s probably all the grass fields around here, and the cotton floating around on the air doesn’t help much either. 

Despite allergies, I love spring because I get to run outside and not get rained on. Running on a treadmill is boooooooring, so I try to run outside whenever I can. I just pop an allergy pill and I’m on my way! Most of the time it helps, but sometimes I’m still stuffed up when I’m running. So for the next couple months I’m using allergies as my excuse any time I have a bad run. 

I came across this article about every day things that make your allergies worse and how to avoid them. I thought, “Great! I need this,” but then I began to read it… avoid exercising outside, don’t open your windows, no fresh flowers in the house, no drinking alcohol because it worsens symptoms…What????? The whole point of summer is to enjoy the outdoors, let a warm breeze in through your windows or drive with your car windows down, decorate your kitchen table with fresh flowers from your local farmers market, and have a summer BBQ in the backyard with burgers and beer! I’d rather go through summer with itchy, puffy eyes than give all that up, especially the running outside. Treadmills = death by boredom. Besides, if my allergies get too bad, I can always head over the border (into Washington) and buy the good allergy meds that are prescription-only here in Oregon. Hey! I do what I gotsta do! 


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