Monday and Mother’s Day

Today I woke up wished it wasn’t Monday….So I went back to bed. Once I finally pulled myself out of bed with the promise of coffee, I dressed in my running clothes and headed out for a jog. I love sunshine and warmth as much as the next Oregonian, but I was relieved that it was a bit cooler today since I waited until so late in the morning to go on a run. I made the mistake of sleeping in on Friday and by the time I got up to go run it was 70+ degrees out and I came back looking like this.

Whitney's Photos 014


Ew, right!? Yeah, not the most pleasant run I’ve ever endured. I’ve never sweat so much in my life! So after my run on Friday, I made promise to myself that I’d get up early on run days to get my run out of the way before it gets too hot. Of course, that lasted until Monday morning. 

Yesterday, I got to spend an awesome evening with my mama for Mother’s Day.315541_10150336775127091_980420290_nI have a pretty large family and my mom, grandma, and my aunts take turns having everyone over and cooking. To give my mom and grandma a break, I brought groceries over and cooked for them last night. After having to make a second trip to the grocery store because I had bought everything for a nice chicken dinner EXCEPT for the chicken, I was ready to rock and roll.Whitney's Photos 017

This is me with my mom and grandma.


I enjoyed being able to cook for my mom. She is a cook at a local middle and high school, so she plans meals, cooks, and does dishes every day. Even though I know she has to be tired of cooking by the time she gets home, she tries to provide good meals for my younger brothers several days during the week. I love spending time with my mom: we share shoes, jewelry and a love for Haagen Dazs caramel cone ice cream. We are perfect shopping buddies because  we can only tolerate shopping for about an hour and when we’re done, we are both satisfied if the only purchase we walked away with is a Starbucks coffee. She helped me plan the perfect wedding, cried with me through the drama of middle school, went on almost every field trip I went on in elementary school, and supported and encouraged me through all my major life decisions.Whitney's Photos 018

I love my mom tons and I enjoyed having a day to celebrate her yesterday! Tonight, we continue our tradition of watching Dancing with the Stars while scrolling through Pinterest! Best night ever! Love you, Mom!


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