Friends Friday

I had the day off Friday and I got to spend it the best way possible – with my friend, Cassie, and her adorable daughter, Hannah!! 

Cassie and I have been good friends since high school. I moved to a new town my freshman year of high school and Cassie was my very first friend ever at my new school! She is seriously the sweetest, most caring person you will ever meet! She is very generous with her hugs and she calls everyone “hun” or “darlin’.” Seriously, she’s adorable! Every time I hang out with her, I walk away feeling extremely blessed. Cassie and hubs and little one only live about 45 minutes away, yet I don’t see them very often. We decided that’s unacceptable, so hopefully I will be seeing a lot more of her! 

Cassie came over to my house for a bit and we chatted and got caught up on life while Miss Hannah watched Sesame Street. Finally, little missy had just too much energy to be cooped up in the house, so we decided to go to the park to let her run it off. Hannah is just full of life and completely fearless. There was a group of grade school-aged girls having soccer practice at the park and before we knew it, Hannah was in the middle of the practice kicking soccer balls to the coach! 



Once we pried her away from soccer practice, we hit up the play set. It amazes me how quickly and easily little kids make friends. In less than a minute, Hannah was best buds with another little girl her age and they were following each other all over the play set. Adorable!

photo (1)

photo (2)


After wearing ourselves out at the park, we grabbed some dinner and went back to my house to catch up some more. Hannah started jumping on my bed and I decided she looked like she was having a lot of fun, so I joined her. My ceilings are super low and I couldn’t stand and jump on the bed, so I decided to jump on my knees and talked Hannah into pretending we were bunny rabbits. Know what I learned? I’m getting old. Holy cow! My knees started killing me after just a few bounces! It’s a sad sad day when you can’t jump on the bed without hurting yourself. 

Finally, around 8:30pm, little miss Hannah got sleepy (let’s be honest, I was getting sleepy too) and Cass decided it was time to go home. I was sad to see them go, but we promised that we’d get together again soon! 


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