A Few Weekend Highlights

I love weekends soooooo much! Sleeping in, making breakfast for Brandon, no timeframe and staying up as late as I want. I wrote about Saturday’s fun here. Because Saturday was action-packed, Brandon and I decided to take it easy on Sunday. We slept in, ate pancakes for breakfast, stopped at Brandon’s office to swipe a couple of the free coffee coupons he gets fwith cetertain transactions he does, and went to my paretn’s house to be lazy for the rest of the day…after using our free coffee coupons, of course.

This is what a lazy day looks like for us – posing my brother’s cat, Buckets with empty water bottles. This would be a great ad idea for Sobe Lifewater. Maybe I’ll pitch the idea to my dad. He works for Pepsi so maybe he could get them to use it and I’ll be famous. That’d be great!Whitney's Photos 007

Whitney's Photos 008

After I took my obligitory Sunday afternoon nap, I found myself getting sleepy again, so instead of taking nap #2, which I was reallllly tempted to do, I went for a walk. Stretching my legs and breathing the fresh air woke me up and made me feel more energized. Then I came home and sat back down on the couch to watch Duck Dynasty. That’s the life!

To follow up a relaxing weekend, I started my Monday morning with a 4 mile run. Yes, 4 miles. Boo-ya!

Whitney's Photos 009

I wore my new running shoes again and learned firsthand why they tell you to break them in first. Whoops! Aside from the developing blister, it was a great run. Guess I’ll be going back to my old shoes on long er runs until I break in my new shoes. Lesson learned.


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