5k Run and Catching Up with Friends

I went to a small private high school that has an annual benefit auction to raise money for the school. This auction has always been a pretty big deal to me. My parents both graduated from that high school also, so I grew up going to this auction every year eating ice cream from the ice cream booth, begging for money from Mom and Dad to play games in the kid’s corner of the auction, and running around with my parent’s classmate’s kids. While I attended the school, I spent auction day working in my designated area of the auction then hanging out with my friend’s when my work was done. Now that I’ve graduated, I look forward to the auction as a way to connect with old friends and give back to the school that meant so much to me by bidding on silent auction items and buying as many cinnamon rolls and fresh baked cookies as I can.

This year, the school held a 5k run and 3k walk called the Stampede for Students. One of my old classmates now works at the school and helped put the run together. He managed to get a group of runners together from his church, a few of which are good friends of mine. One of my best friends from high school brought her 2-year old daughter and did the 3k walk. And, of course, my dad ran. So this year I looked forward to the auction even more because I got to do one of my favorite things (run) with some of my favorite people (these guys).

photo-7This is the group Caleb (second one in from the left in the back row), one of my classmates, got together from his church. Good lookin’ bunch of runners/walkers, huh? 

photo-3Cassie (in the middle), one of my very best and very first friends in high school, brought her adorable daughter, Hannah, and her sweet friend, Morgan, to do the 5k walk.

photo-2My good friends, Erik and Erica (so cute, right???), came out on this GORGEOUS Saturday morning to support the school too. 

photo-5And, of course, the mandatory father/daughter race picture. I want one of these from every run we do! Dad and I both set PRs during this run. Go us! 

photo-1Hannah fueling up pre-race with some pretzels and water. Carbs and hydrating; she’s a pro.

photo-4Erica won a bar of dark chocolate in the post-race raffle. You’re gonna share, riiiiiiiiiight???

photoOh! And I finally bought a new pair of running shoes. Nike Flex…not the Sketchers GOrun 2’s I was hoping for, but they’re lightweight and super comfy, which was what I was primarily looking for. I promptly broke the 1st rule of new running shoes..I wore them for the first time in the 5k. Whoops! They did great, though, so I think me and Mr. Nike Flex are gonna get along just fine.

After the 5k, I wandered around the auction for a few hours looking at all the cool handmade and donated items. I ran into my mother-in-law and husband after awhile. When I left for the run at 7am, Brandon was still in bed and said he’d meet me at the auction after 10am. That’s for the support, hun. J/K He’s totally there for me at every other run in the rain and the cold and the early hours, so I let him sleep in for this one. 

photo-6Miss Hannah decided that the parking lot was a great place to sit and eat the sucker she got from the dessert table. Seriously, how adorable is she???

After the auction, Brandon and I met up with Erik and Erica at Cinco de Micro, a brew fest at the convention center downtown, to enjoy some sunshine and a few of Salem’s best microbrews. Later, we went back to Erik and Erica’s apartment to heat up some frozen pizzas and play a little game of Family Business. What is Family Business, you ask? Only one of the best card games ever!

MFG0454-cl“The game of Mob Vengeance.” Yes, the perfect game to play with good friends. Each player gets their own mob family and you take turns double crossing each other and trying to take out everyone else’s family. I won because I said I didn’t care and just wanted my family to die so that I could stop playing and take a nap (I’m kinda a wuss in the evenings). Because of this… and the fact that I appeared to be paying more attention to the “Friends” episode that was on TV than to the game…everyone underestimated me and I   won! Woooo! 

Overall, it was an awesome day filled with friends, sunshine, good food, games, running, and all kinds of other goodies. I’m still recovering. No, seriously, staying up past 10pm takes me at least 2 days to recover from, add sunshine and being on my feet almost all day and I probably won’t be back to normal for at least a week.











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