Running Inspiration

Yesterday, I felt like a real runner. There are a few specific reasons for this feeling: 1) I tripped on an uneven sidewalk and almost ate pavement, 2) I was about 2 inches away from getting pooped on by a bird. Seriously, it plopped right next to me. The only reason I didn’t get pooped on is because I saw the mischiveous little winged creature ahead of time and had a strange feeling he was gonna let one go, so I moved to the other side of the sidewalk. 3) I improved my pace!! Normally I run about a 12 minute mile. Not that impressive, I know. Yesterday, I whittled it down to 11.11 minutes… Still not that impressive, but a bit better.

Whitney's Photos 004

I firmly agree with these 2 quotes:

Whitney's Photos 006quote-about-life-265-612x500

After my run, my calves and quads were feeling really tight. I wanted to roll out, but I’m too cheap to buy a foam roller and I didn’t want to go to the gym just to roll out. So this is where living in a home that’s under construction comes in handy. I risked life and limb by going upstairs where a variety of tools, wood, paint cans, and all other kinds of building equiptment is spread out and I found a PVC pipe that wasn’t being used. I hosed it off ’cause it was covered in mud and I wanted to be sure there was no spiders in it. ICK!! Once it was dry, it made the perfect roller!

Whitney's Photos 005

Tomorrow, I’m running in a 5k for my old high school and I’m super excited because tons of people I love are running it too! My dad is running and so are two of my very best friends! I hope to get lots of pictures, so I’ll post them soon!


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