Free Samples, Teeny Tiny Things and Pilates

Yesterday, a new health food store opened in town, so Brandon, his mom, and I went on a little field trip. I decided that since it’s a health food store, I should wear my Toms so that I would look the part.Image The first thing we did was enter every single drawing in the store. Because it was the grand opening, there were lots of contests and free samples. I scored a whole purse-full of mini Cliff Bar and Luna Bar samples! My mother-in-law also bought me a super cute teeny tiny water bottle. I love teeny things!! It will match my teeny tiny coffee cup.Image

I’m considering staging a photo shoot with my little bitty water bottle and coffee mug and my tiny Luna bar samples and making it look like I’m a giant. Image

I also bought a copy of Women’s Running magazine. It just so happens that this issue highlighted half marathons and I’m running my first half marathon in exactly a month. I got some good tips and it made me wanna buy new running clothes. The magazine also came with a copy of Women’s Triathlon magazine. I read them both last night and now I wanna sign up for a sprint triathlon. Call me crazy.

Today, I decided to go to a Pilates class at the gym I work at. Image

I decided that I need to incorporate Pilates into my weekly workout routine because my flexibility is nil. I couldn’t even get my legs straight for leg circles and when I did them my muscles shook like jello. All the older ladies in the class were showing me up.

Side note: I just painted my nails and I was in a hurry to be able to use my hands again, so I decided to try a new nail drying technique I had heard about. I sprayed my nails with non-stick cooking spray. It works!! Oh my goodness! I was skeptical, but geez, my nails didn’t feel tacky at all!Image



A Few Random Wednesday Things

Yesterday I ran 5 miles without feeling like I was gonna die! Wooo!! Image

I ran through Riverfront park while they were mowing the grass and cotton was flying all over the place. It was grand. My allergies loved me. Actually, it wasn’t that bad. Halfway through my run it started raining, and it was nice because it cooled me off and kept the cotton down (for the record, that’s the only time rain is ever nice). 

I designated today a stretch and yoga day to loosen up my legs from yesterday’s run and the weekend’s bike ride. I was searching YouTube for yoga videos when I came across this gem. You really need to watch it. 

Awesome, right?? I wish I had a kitty that would do that with me. I have a hard time believing most cats would put up with that.

Also, I was at Winco yesterday and found this beauty…Image

Oh my goodness, it’s soooooo tasty!!!! Girl Scout Thin Mints and coffee…Why did no one think of this combo before???

Memorial Weekend

For Memorial Weekend, Brandon and I went to my favorite place in the whole world – Sunriver!  My grandparents have a vacation house in Sunriver and so sweetly let Brandon and I stay at their house for the weekend. It’s always awesome to get away from everything and be together just the 2 of us for a few days. We, of course, had to start our trip with coffee. If I don’t have caffeine while I’m driving, I’ll fall asleep.

Whitney's Photos 033


This is my absolute favorite view of the whole drive – the distance between Sisters and Bend. I love that you can see all 3 of the Sisters mountains and Broken Top Mountain. Whitney's Photos 032

One of my favorite things to do while in Sunriver is to go bike riding. Sunriver has great bike paths, so I don’t have to worry about getting hit by a car…which is a big reason I don’t ever wanna ride my bike at home – it’s scary.  Saturday morning, we woke up all excited to bike the Benham Falls mountain biking trail but one of the bikes had a flat tire. No biggie – there’s a gas station barely 1/4 mile from my grandparent’s house where we usually put air in the bike tires. We limped to the gas station and the air pump was out of order!! Lame! How is a machine full of AIR out of order?? So we limped back home and decided to put the bike in the car and drive it downtown to the bike shop to fill the tire with air… but the bike didn’t fit in our car. Sooooo we got in our car and drove to the bike shop to buy a bike pump. Being a resort town, they were ridiculously overpriced. The one the saleslady tried to sell us was $40 and the cheapest one was $25. I’ve already mentioned that I love a good deal, and that is NOT a good deal…So we planned to go into Bend to go to Walmart later in the day. The bike ride would just have to wait. *sigh*

BUT going into Bend ended up being a good idea because the band, Cake, was playing a concert at the outdoor amphitheater. Cake is special to us because back when we were dating, Brandon made me a CD of rock songs because every time he asked, “have you heard that song?” about pretty much any song, I had never heard it before. Anywho..”Short Skirt Long Jacket” was on that CD. Being the cheapos we are, we didn’t buy tickets for the concert, but you could hear it really well from the shopping center on the opposite side of the river so we planted ourselves next to an outdoor fireplace and ordered a drink so the waiter would let us stay there.

Whitney's Photos 037


Then we started seeing people in kayaks out in the river. Genius!! Next time, we’re totally getting a kayak!Whitney's Photos 039

And THEN it started raining and we wished we had a tent like these guys. 

Whitney's Photos 040


I totally want a do-over.

Sunday, we finally got our bike ride in. 12 miles of mountain biking.Whitney's Photos 050 Whitney's Photos 041We biked the Benham Falls trail along the Deschutes River and it was GORGEOUS!Whitney's Photos 047 Whitney's Photos 046

Whitney's Photos 048 Whitney's Photos 043 Whitney's Photos 045 Whitney's Photos 049


Beautiful, right?? I’m so glad we finally got our bike ride in…and that I didn’t hit a rock and die. Did I mention my bike only had front brakes?? Yeah, there were a few moments where survival was hit or miss. I’m kinda hard core that way. Later that evening, we went on a 4 mile walk. So I’ve pretty much met my workout quota for the week and just get to sit on my behind the rest of the week…Just kidding…kinda.

Wow, this was long. Sorry…Long weekend, long post. Hopefully the pictures kept it from being too boring. Here’s 2 more to make up for it…cuz you just love pictures of me and Brandy Boy.Whitney's Photos 035 Whitney's Photos 036

A Surprise Workout and Fun Shopping Finds

This morning, I headed to the gym with the intent of going to a step class, but in a surprising twist I ended up in Spartan instead. Spartan is a 24 minute high-intensity, low-duration training program that my club offers where a maximum of 12 people push themselves through a workout routine that makes you sweat and wonder what possessed you to sign up for this training program. It really is a good workout, but while I was doing it I wanted to die…and punch the trainer….and then thank him when it was all over because I really can’t think of a better way to get a behind-kickin’ workout in less than 30 minutes. I’ve only done Spartan one other time, for an event called The Worst Day for Spartan, because  who wouldn’t want to do something with a title like that?? You can read about that experience on my old Tumblr blog.

Last weekend, I went shopping with my friend, Cassie, and one of the stores we went to was World Market. I LOVE World Market because you can get such unique jewelry, house decor, kitchen things, and FOOD!!!! Look what I found…Image

PB Crave Cookie Nookie Peanut Butter!!! Cookie dough flavored peanut butter with chocolate chips?? I’m all over that! It’s seriously amazing! I had it on pancakes, toast and with a banana…and by itself straight out of the jar. I wanna try it on an apple still and I think it’d be really good on graham crackers. Mmm mmm!

After I got a treat for myself, I couldn’t leave without bringing something home for Brandon. When we were in Hawaii on our honeymoon, we went to a breakfast buffet that had coconut syrup to go on their pancakes and waffles. I really think he ate more waffles just so he could have more syrup. When I was at World Market, they had a whole section dedicated to Hawaiian foods and I found this little beauty.Image

Honestly, we’ve had a different brand of coconut syrup from World Market and this one wasn’t as good, but it took us on a nice little flashback to Hawaii when we had our pancakes the next morning.

Next up was Ulta, a girly girl’s heaven. I tend to buy new, fun make up then never use it. I always go back to the old standbys and the new stuff sits in my drawer and takes up space. So I bought nail polish cuz I love me some pretty painted nails!Image

Marshall’s is where I hit the jackpot. I have a hard time spending more than $10 on anything: new shoes – $10, new sheets $10, a couch – I want that sucker for 10 bucks! Unreasonable, I know, but girl works hard for her money and she don’t wanna part with it! So I love Marshall’s because the price tag shows how much that item would cost at a regular store and how much it costs at Marshall’s. I feel, if Marshall’s can sell it for half price, that’s the price is shoulda been in the first place! I found so many cute clothes I wanted, but alas, my teeny closet cannot hold any more… and I really don’t need anymore. But I did find one little tank top that I couldn’t leave without. Image

Oh that’s right, I posted this yesterday. Maybe I posted it twice because I’m so darn EXCITED about it! $10, right in my price range. It was normally $20, so that means I got it for 1/2 price. OH Ya! I should be crowned the shopping queen. I LOVE getting stuff on the cheap!

Busting Out of a Workout Rut

I was kind of in a funk over the weekend and didn’t feel like working out AT ALL, so I took a bit of a break. The funk lasted through Monday and Tuesday too, so I sat on my backside for 4 days! It was heavenly, actually. My body needed the break. I’ve been working out 6 days a week for awhile now and pushing myself as I train for my half marathon. Today, I woke up refreshed and ready to hit the gym hard! 

I was doubly excited to go to the gym because I got a new workout tank and couldn’t wait to wear it! Last weekend, I went shopping with my friend, Cassie, and found this super cute bright orange tank for $10!! Can you believe it?? It was normally $20. I LOVE a good deal!


Something about cute clothes motivates me to work out more. If I could, I’d have a new outfit for every workout. Sadly, I don’t think Brandon would go for that. *sigh*

I was all set to bust out 5 miles on the treadmill (yes, I had to resort to running on a treadmill – In true Oregon fashion, our 70 degree, sunny weather changed back to 50’s and rainy pretty quick). I forgot, though, that unless you use a different setting, the treadmill stops at 3.1 miles and automatically switches to cool down mode. So, I ran through my cool down and ended at 3.5 miles. I finished up the last mile and a half on the elliptical. I finished up with some stretching, then went home and did Tone It Up’s Santorini Bikini (that’s really fun to say) routine to add some toning to my workout. 

ImageDoes anyone else every get in a workout rut? How do you pull yourself out of it? Sometimes I look at inspirational sayings and posts on Pinterest or on one of the several fitness and healthy living people I follow on Twitter, like Blogilates, Tone It Up, and SkinnyRunner. Seeing other people’s progress and excitement revs me up to hit it hard when I get to the gym. Also, cute workout clothes…mostly cute workout clothes. Oooh! Or treating myself after a workout with a fun drink, like Sobe Lifewater or coconut water. I’m a sucker for treats.

On a completely different note, Brandon sent me this picture of some kittens that were at a house he showed today. Image

Aren’t they cuuuuuuuute??? If he doesn’t bring me one home, we’re gonna have some serious problems.

Summertime and Allergies

The sun comes out, the birds sing, the air is warm and breezy. I go outside and lift my face to the sunshine to soak in the warmth….and I sneeze. Yup, it’s springtime in the northwest. I love spring and summer because, for 8-9 months out of the year, Oregon is gray and rainy and depressing, and my body craves the warmth and happiness of sunshine. Well, most of my body does, anyway. The part with allergies is not a fan. I’m not sure what exactly triggers my allergies, but I think it’s probably all the grass fields around here, and the cotton floating around on the air doesn’t help much either. 

Despite allergies, I love spring because I get to run outside and not get rained on. Running on a treadmill is boooooooring, so I try to run outside whenever I can. I just pop an allergy pill and I’m on my way! Most of the time it helps, but sometimes I’m still stuffed up when I’m running. So for the next couple months I’m using allergies as my excuse any time I have a bad run. 

I came across this article about every day things that make your allergies worse and how to avoid them. I thought, “Great! I need this,” but then I began to read it… avoid exercising outside, don’t open your windows, no fresh flowers in the house, no drinking alcohol because it worsens symptoms…What????? The whole point of summer is to enjoy the outdoors, let a warm breeze in through your windows or drive with your car windows down, decorate your kitchen table with fresh flowers from your local farmers market, and have a summer BBQ in the backyard with burgers and beer! I’d rather go through summer with itchy, puffy eyes than give all that up, especially the running outside. Treadmills = death by boredom. Besides, if my allergies get too bad, I can always head over the border (into Washington) and buy the good allergy meds that are prescription-only here in Oregon. Hey! I do what I gotsta do! 

This morning I started out on a five mile run and I took a route that I don’t normally take. The first mile started out great. Mile 2 seemed a bit loooooong. Seriously, it was like the mile that wouldn’t end. I only veered a bit off my normal course and I was close to where mile 2 usually ends when I broke off on a new route so when my running app didn’t announce my time for mile 2 fairly quickly after that I got a bit worried. It makes me feel accomplished when my app tells me I’ve got another mile down, so feeling like I was running and running and getting nowhere I got a bit discouraged. FINALLY I hit mile 2 after 17 minutes! I’m slow, but I’m not THAT slow. However, mile 3 more than made up for it! I hit mile 3 in 7 minutes. I’m not THAT fast either, so there was seriously something up with my app today. I use Map My Fitness app and it’s usually pretty accurate, but taking a new route must have thrown it off. Oh well, 4.8 miles down today! Boom! 1/2 marathon, here I come!

I came home from work today and Brandon had bought donuts…not just donuts, but donut holes which are 10 times better!

Whitney's Photos 020Is it sad that I want to go to bed just so I can wake up and eat these??