iPhone Troubles and Second Breakfast

Yesterday, Brandon and I spent the majority of the day at my parent’s house. Since it was so nice out, my parents designated it a work-in-the-yard kinda day. I chose to ignore didn’t get the memo, sadly, so I wasn’t dressed for yard work. However, I was great at supervising! And taking pictures…That is, until my iPhone started sabotaging my photo ops!! Photo-worthing moments come and go in a flash, and it’s crucial to have your camera ready at the exact precise moment. Kinda hard to do when you try to open the camera app on your phone and it says you’re out of storage space and won’t let you take any more pictures. I missed some awesome photo-worthy moments, such as Dad and Brandon trying to give the cat a bath with the garden hose and Mom and Brandon holding Dad by the ankles while he leaned out a second story window to try to wash the gutters. Epic, once-in-a-lifetime moments that now you don’t get to see. You can thank my iPhone for that.

After much scheming, I realized that I could still take pictures if I took them with my Instagram app. Muhahahaha! I’m so sneaky! So as I was laying in the backyard, enjoying the sunshiny day, I snapped this little beauty.


Take that, iPhone! 

This morning, Brandon and I went to church, then we found ourselves at my parent’s house again. This time, just in time for breakfast! Or brunch…Or really, second breakfast, since Brandon and I had already had a first breakfast. But seriously, who’s gonna turn down pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream?? Image

Now you’re hungry. You’re welcome! 

Wanna see what I wore to church today? Doesn’t matter ’cause I’m gonna show you anyway. I got a super cute summer dress for my birthday from my in-laws. My mother-in-law bought it at Felicity Boutique, the same cute store that I got my mint watch from. I went back to Felicity and bought a pink belt to go with the dress and the shoes are from my mom’s closet. hehe I think I need pink high heels to go with it, don’t you? Yes? Cool, I’ll tell Brandon you gave me permission to go shopping.



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