Friday Brag Day

Friday Brag Day

I’m designating Friday Brag-on-Brandon-Day. So sit back and get ready to be blown away by his awesomeness!
My husband is very handy with do-it- yourself projects and is super creative. He made this vanity for our bathroom from an old dresser, a slab of granite, a basin sink and a faucet he found online. Brandon found the dresser at an antique store in the small town of Lafayette, Oregon. The shop gets it’s antiques all the way from Europe, so our little vanity started it’s life as a dresser in a European home.
I was most excited with the granite top. Brandon and I were looking through a garage sale one Saturday morning and we came across a slab of granite for $20! It was an amazing steal so Brandon had it cut down to the size we needed and had the corners rounded and now it makes the perfect countertop!
After staining the dresser, ripping the top off and replacing it with our granite slab, and cutting grooves in the top drawer for pipes to fit in, we had the makings of a unique new vanity.
Brandon finished our vanity by gluing a basin sink to the granite top, installing a copper faucet and replacing the antique drawer handles with more modern copper ones. It is truly the most unique piece of furniture in our house, made even more special by the fact that Brandon created it himself!


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