Awesome Peeps and Energy Drinks

Yesterday, I drank a Monster energy drink. Monday I worked 10.5 hours starting at 4:30AM and yesterday I had to be at work at 4:30AM again, so I went a li’l crazy and drank a Monster. It. Was. AWESOME. I breezed through work like the Energizer Bunny! Trust me, I was really fun to work with yesterday. After work, Brandon and I went out for lunch at Mongolian Grill (big thanks to my brothers-in-law for the giftcard for my b-day!). I dropped Brandon back off at his office and stopped at the mall on my way home…This is monumental because usually I go home and take a nap..But not yesterday! Nope, I had money and energy and I was ready to shop!! I’ve been wanting a new pair of running shoes and the Sketchers GOrun 2 just came out and I want them soooooooo badly!!! I have the GOruns and I absolutely LOVE them! They are soooo light and supportive and comfy!! So I went to every store in the mall and NO ONE has them! SO sad! I was a bit depressed, but I bounced back quickly because, well, I had drank a Monster and it’s hard to stay sad when you’re full of energy. After my disappointing shopping trip, I came home and laced up my GOruns to go for an afternoon run. I was seriously wide awake until after 10pm.  This morning I woke up with a headache… Lesson learned.

I’ve been working at a local fitness center since just before Christmas and this week I got promoted!!! On Monday I’ll be going from working at the front desk to being a Fitness Coach (no more 4:30 mornings, thus no more Monster). This whole week I’ve been getting a flood of congratulation texts, tweets and in-person comments from my coworkers. This is particularly touching to me because I feel like it takes me awhile to get connected at new places, so to have so much genuine support and encouragement from my coworkers when I’ve only been with the company for four months makes me feel all fuzzy inside. I’m super grateful to work for a company filled with so many wonderful people!


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