3 miles to Zico


Today was a beeeeeautiful day in Salem! It was warm and sunny and it actually felt like spring! In honor of the sunshine, I decided to go on a run outside… Ok ok. I actually ran because Saturday was my first official day of half marathon training and if I don’t start running consistently, I’ll pass out on the race course and be forever embarrassed. But it does make it easier to go running when it’s sunny.
I hate to complain, but, gah! It was hot!! I made it 2 miles before my mouth was dry, my stomach was cramping, and I felt like I was crawling through a desert. Okay, sliiiiiight exaggeration. Regardless, I stopped at Roth’s grocery store before my last .5 mile and grabbed an ice cold Zico Dark Chocolate Coconut Water. Holy coconuts it was good!!! It coulda been partially because I was so thirsty, but I don’t think so because I saved half of it for after I got home and it was still good. Coconut water is filled with potassium and electrolytes, so it’s a great post-workout drink. It was kinda on the spendy side so I probably won’t drink it a lot. But it will be great for a nice treat after a particularly insane workout. Or if I’m just craving chocolate!


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