Saturday morning my friend, Erica, and I went to the Saturday market in downtown Salem. Erica and her husband, Erik, (so cute, right???) live in a super cute little apartment complex just a block from the state Capitol. We met at her apartment and walked to the market just a few blocks away. Of course, we had to get coffee first so we stopped at a coffee shop that was a bit out of the way, but it was totally worth it for caffeine. We just wandered through the market and caught up on life. It was a beautiful morning.. overcast, but pretty warm for Oregon. It was the perfect way to start the weekend! After the market, Erica and I parted ways for a few hours, then grabbed our husbands and we all went out for dinner.

The four of us met later in the evening at Gilgamesh Brewing, a relatively new brewing company and restaurant that we had all wanted to try. Their beer was pretty good, but we weren’t super impressed with the food so we all agreed it was a fun one-time stop, but it wouldn’t be our regular meet up place. After dinner, I started yawning, which started everyone else thinking they were tired too…until we realized it was only 8:30pm. Deciding not to be wimps, we went back to E and E’s apartment to play Yahtzee…Which, I might add, I am terrible at. I had to cross out my Yahtzee every game we played. It was all we could do to stay awake through 2 games, so finally we admitted that we’re all getting old and it was time to call it a night. It was so refreshing to start the day and end it with good friends.


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