iPhone Troubles and Second Breakfast

Yesterday, Brandon and I spent the majority of the day at my parent’s house. Since it was so nice out, my parents designated it a work-in-the-yard kinda day. I chose to ignore didn’t get the memo, sadly, so I wasn’t dressed for yard work. However, I was great at supervising! And taking pictures…That is, until my iPhone started sabotaging my photo ops!! Photo-worthing moments come and go in a flash, and it’s crucial to have your camera ready at the exact precise moment. Kinda hard to do when you try to open the camera app on your phone and it says you’re out of storage space and won’t let you take any more pictures. I missed some awesome photo-worthy moments, such as Dad and Brandon trying to give the cat a bath with the garden hose and Mom and Brandon holding Dad by the ankles while he leaned out a second story window to try to wash the gutters. Epic, once-in-a-lifetime moments that now you don’t get to see. You can thank my iPhone for that.

After much scheming, I realized that I could still take pictures if I took them with my Instagram app. Muhahahaha! I’m so sneaky! So as I was laying in the backyard, enjoying the sunshiny day, I snapped this little beauty.


Take that, iPhone! 

This morning, Brandon and I went to church, then we found ourselves at my parent’s house again. This time, just in time for breakfast! Or brunch…Or really, second breakfast, since Brandon and I had already had a first breakfast. But seriously, who’s gonna turn down pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream?? Image

Now you’re hungry. You’re welcome! 

Wanna see what I wore to church today? Doesn’t matter ’cause I’m gonna show you anyway. I got a super cute summer dress for my birthday from my in-laws. My mother-in-law bought it at Felicity Boutique, the same cute store that I got my mint watch from. I went back to Felicity and bought a pink belt to go with the dress and the shoes are from my mom’s closet. hehe I think I need pink high heels to go with it, don’t you? Yes? Cool, I’ll tell Brandon you gave me permission to go shopping.



Half Marathon Training and What Guys Really Notice About Girls

I started my Saturday by running 3 miles. I won’t tell you my time, because it’s not that impressive. My half marathon is a mere 9 weeks away, so I really need to start increasing my milage and speeding up a little bit. I’ve heard that doing intervals really helps you get faster and go farther and I think the easiest way to do that would be on a treadmill…but it’s just tooooo nice out to run inside!!!! This is Oregon, though, and it’s supposed to rain next week, so maybe I’ll try those intervals then. I need to do something to kick me into gear because I’ve kinda hit a plateau. 

After my run, I came home and ate a few Blueberry Zest Muffins that I made last night. Image

Aren’t they cute??? I made them in heart-shaped muffin tins! I got the recipe from the Tone It Up website, but I made a few tweaks. I substituted whole wheat flour for coconut flour because I’m cheap and didn’t want to buy coconut flour when I already had whole wheat flour at home, and I subbed vanilla for lemon juice because I’m not real crazy about lemon. I also sprinkled a few chopped walnuts on top for crunch. They were sooooo yummy!!!

My dad’s home this weekend, so I decided to spend the day at my parent’s house so that I can spend time with him. I love it when my dad comes home because, well, he’s my dad and I love to see him…but also because he brings treats!! Dad works for Pepsi and gets cases of expired drinks! (Seriously, does soda ever really expire??) My fave drink is Sobe Life Water.ImageThis one is Black Cherry Dragonfruit flavor. It’s one of my favorites…I also really like the Yumberry Pomegranate because it’s pink and I like to say “Yumberry.”

Anyways, back to my dad being home… As a girl, sometimes I wonder how much guys really notice about how much effort we put into our appearance. Do they notice when we pluck our eyebrows or file our nails? I mean, sure they’ll notice if you’re eyebrows look like they could pass for caterpillars, but do they notice those 2 or 3 hairs outside of your perfectly waxed arch? I didn’t really think guys would notice or care about those little things, but today something happened that made me question whether maybe they care about the little things more than I originally thought. I was just sitting on my parent’s kitchen counter minding my own business and swinging my legs back and forth while talking to my dad and Brandon. All of the sudden they gang up on me and start making fun of my chipped toenail polish! Seriously?? I didn’t even think a guy would notice! Yeah, my toenails are chipping pretty badly and need to be repainted; I even threw some nail polish in my purse so I could redo my nails today at my parent’s, but that doesn’t mean I’m letting myself go like Dad implied. “Yep, the first year of marriage, they start letting their nail polish chip…Next year she’ll stop shaving her legs. No need to impress anyone now that she’s married.” I may have gotten a little prickly during the week because it was a busy week, but I DID shave my legs this morning, thank you very much! Meanwhile, my mom is sitting on the couch quietly minding her own business and keeping her chipped toenails tucked out of site. Thanks for the solidarity, Mom. 

Now I’m off to repaint my toenails so that I don’t get made fun of anymore. 😛

Friday Brag Day

Friday Brag Day

I’m designating Friday Brag-on-Brandon-Day. So sit back and get ready to be blown away by his awesomeness!
My husband is very handy with do-it- yourself projects and is super creative. He made this vanity for our bathroom from an old dresser, a slab of granite, a basin sink and a faucet he found online. Brandon found the dresser at an antique store in the small town of Lafayette, Oregon. The shop gets it’s antiques all the way from Europe, so our little vanity started it’s life as a dresser in a European home.
I was most excited with the granite top. Brandon and I were looking through a garage sale one Saturday morning and we came across a slab of granite for $20! It was an amazing steal so Brandon had it cut down to the size we needed and had the corners rounded and now it makes the perfect countertop!
After staining the dresser, ripping the top off and replacing it with our granite slab, and cutting grooves in the top drawer for pipes to fit in, we had the makings of a unique new vanity.
Brandon finished our vanity by gluing a basin sink to the granite top, installing a copper faucet and replacing the antique drawer handles with more modern copper ones. It is truly the most unique piece of furniture in our house, made even more special by the fact that Brandon created it himself!

Awesome Peeps and Energy Drinks

Yesterday, I drank a Monster energy drink. Monday I worked 10.5 hours starting at 4:30AM and yesterday I had to be at work at 4:30AM again, so I went a li’l crazy and drank a Monster. It. Was. AWESOME. I breezed through work like the Energizer Bunny! Trust me, I was really fun to work with yesterday. After work, Brandon and I went out for lunch at Mongolian Grill (big thanks to my brothers-in-law for the giftcard for my b-day!). I dropped Brandon back off at his office and stopped at the mall on my way home…This is monumental because usually I go home and take a nap..But not yesterday! Nope, I had money and energy and I was ready to shop!! I’ve been wanting a new pair of running shoes and the Sketchers GOrun 2 just came out and I want them soooooooo badly!!! I have the GOruns and I absolutely LOVE them! They are soooo light and supportive and comfy!! So I went to every store in the mall and NO ONE has them! SO sad! I was a bit depressed, but I bounced back quickly because, well, I had drank a Monster and it’s hard to stay sad when you’re full of energy. After my disappointing shopping trip, I came home and laced up my GOruns to go for an afternoon run. I was seriously wide awake until after 10pm.  This morning I woke up with a headache… Lesson learned.

I’ve been working at a local fitness center since just before Christmas and this week I got promoted!!! On Monday I’ll be going from working at the front desk to being a Fitness Coach (no more 4:30 mornings, thus no more Monster). This whole week I’ve been getting a flood of congratulation texts, tweets and in-person comments from my coworkers. This is particularly touching to me because I feel like it takes me awhile to get connected at new places, so to have so much genuine support and encouragement from my coworkers when I’ve only been with the company for four months makes me feel all fuzzy inside. I’m super grateful to work for a company filled with so many wonderful people!

3 miles to Zico


Today was a beeeeeautiful day in Salem! It was warm and sunny and it actually felt like spring! In honor of the sunshine, I decided to go on a run outside… Ok ok. I actually ran because Saturday was my first official day of half marathon training and if I don’t start running consistently, I’ll pass out on the race course and be forever embarrassed. But it does make it easier to go running when it’s sunny.
I hate to complain, but, gah! It was hot!! I made it 2 miles before my mouth was dry, my stomach was cramping, and I felt like I was crawling through a desert. Okay, sliiiiiight exaggeration. Regardless, I stopped at Roth’s grocery store before my last .5 mile and grabbed an ice cold Zico Dark Chocolate Coconut Water. Holy coconuts it was good!!! It coulda been partially because I was so thirsty, but I don’t think so because I saved half of it for after I got home and it was still good. Coconut water is filled with potassium and electrolytes, so it’s a great post-workout drink. It was kinda on the spendy side so I probably won’t drink it a lot. But it will be great for a nice treat after a particularly insane workout. Or if I’m just craving chocolate!



Saturday morning my friend, Erica, and I went to the Saturday market in downtown Salem. Erica and her husband, Erik, (so cute, right???) live in a super cute little apartment complex just a block from the state Capitol. We met at her apartment and walked to the market just a few blocks away. Of course, we had to get coffee first so we stopped at a coffee shop that was a bit out of the way, but it was totally worth it for caffeine. We just wandered through the market and caught up on life. It was a beautiful morning.. overcast, but pretty warm for Oregon. It was the perfect way to start the weekend! After the market, Erica and I parted ways for a few hours, then grabbed our husbands and we all went out for dinner.

The four of us met later in the evening at Gilgamesh Brewing, a relatively new brewing company and restaurant that we had all wanted to try. Their beer was pretty good, but we weren’t super impressed with the food so we all agreed it was a fun one-time stop, but it wouldn’t be our regular meet up place. After dinner, I started yawning, which started everyone else thinking they were tired too…until we realized it was only 8:30pm. Deciding not to be wimps, we went back to E and E’s apartment to play Yahtzee…Which, I might add, I am terrible at. I had to cross out my Yahtzee every game we played. It was all we could do to stay awake through 2 games, so finally we admitted that we’re all getting old and it was time to call it a night. It was so refreshing to start the day and end it with good friends.