Loving In Olivia’s Closet!

I found this local gem, In Olivia’s Closet, last week when a friend of mine came through my coffee line. While I was making her Italian soda, she commented on my heart-shaped, silver dollar-sized ring. We went on to gush over our mutual love of gigantic rings and she told me about her coworker, Michelle Johns, who makes rings out of vintage buttons and other items. My friend, Danielle, gave me her coworkers website and I promptly got on Etsy to check out Michelle’s creations. I just fell in love with the sweet rose rings and fun scrabble tile necklaces. I promptly snapped up this adorable heart-shaped locket ring. Isn’t it fun??

Danielle delivered it to me the very next day and Michelle had thrown in this sweet purple rose ring as a bonus!

I fell in love with the packaging too. How can you not want to buy from In Olivia’s Closet when your purchases come packaged so cute?!

Check out Michelle’s Etsy page to find a cute Mother’s Day gift…and something for yourself!


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