Where Did The Old Year Go?

Did 2011 sneak up on anyone else, or was I the only one who was blindsided by the new year? There were so many events from 2010 that feel like they just happened: salsa dance lessons with Brandon, Brice graduating from high school, Dad moving to Pendleton…These things couldn’t have happened half a year or more ago!! And Christmas! I was still enjoying Christmas music and the holiday came and went. Brice just got home from Grand Canyon University for Christmas break and tomorrow he’s going back. Where has the time gone!? It worries me a little..they say that the older you get, the faster time goes. Well, I’m only 22!! I’ll be 23 before I can blink, and if time is going this fast in my early 20’s I cringe to think about the speed with which it will fly by when I’m older. I really did enjoy 2010; it was way better than 2009, that’s for sure (just ask anyone in my family). Hopefully 2011 will be better even still…and hopefully it’ll slow down so I can enjoy it. 🙂


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