Christmastime is Here!

Bricie comes home tonight! It will finally feel like Christmas when whole family is back under one roof. This holiday season has been an unusual one with Brice off in Phoenix for his freshman year of college and Dad working in Pendleton. The Christmas tree is up and decorated..there are even presents under it! Twinkle lights festoon each window in our house and Christmas music floats from the radio, but it doesn’t feel completely like Christmas because the family is not all under the same roof. For about 2 weeks Coby and Brice will be out of school, Mom will have a break from work and Dad will make it home on weekends. We’ll rush around town doing our last-minute Christmas shopping, sneak our gifts out to wrap when the recipient isn’t looking, and ice Christmas cookies…All the traditional holiday things. Then there will be the mundane, every day activities that have been missing since we’ve all been in different places..Brice will be holed up in his room playing Call of Duty with Coby flopped on his stomach on the floor watching and we’ll be late for church because Dad doesn’t decide to make toast until we’re all in the car waiting to leave. It’s these little, often taken for granted, things that make it feel like Christmas around our house. And things like making cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning and opening our stockings together that will give us enough happy memories to get us through to the next time we are all together.


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