Flavors of Fall

I absolutely love how fall brings it’s own distinct set of flavors and smells! Pumpkin, cinnamon, warm apples and spices! I work at a coffee shop and customers know that when the leaves start changing and the rain starts falling they can count on a new set of fall-inspired coffee drinks. They eagerly await pumpkin spice chai and peppermint mochas. The popular drink I could never understand, though, is the eggnog latte. Cartons of eggnog fly off grocery store shelves during the holidays. As far as I’m concerned, let ’em have it! I have never been an eggnog fan and always turned up my nose at any drink that would dare include it. The other day at work, however, I got curious and decided to try an eggnog latte just to see what all the hype was about. I took a small, cautious sip and was completely suprised. It was good! Like, really good! The smooth, silky blend of vanilla custard, nutmeg, and cinnamon glided across my tongue like a figure skater glides smoothly across the ice. I enjoyed it so much that I’m actually sipping an eggnog latte right now as I type. This just proves my theory that coffee makes everything better. And all seasonal sips, whether apple cider or eggnog, are perfect for warming up on a chilly fall day.


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