Crawling out from under the warm covers after awaking from a deep, restful sleep is bad enough, but dragging your butt out of bed to go running is like trudging to your death. Ok, maybe not THAT bad, but just thinking about pulling on my tennis shoes and puffing my way down the street makes me want to put the sheets over my head and go back to dreamland. I’ve been trying to take up the healthy habit of running and so far it’s been kind of hit or miss. This morning I actually managed to get out the door with minimal effort. Once I got a manageable (slow) pace going, I actually enjoyed pounding the pavement. I’ve discovered that listening to music while I run distracts me and I end up just walking and bobbing my heat to the beat, so this morning I left my ipod behind and focused on my running. Feeling my heart rate increase and my legs start to burn gave me a sense of accomplishment. It was as if I could actually feel my body responding, saying thanks for caring about its health and well being. Then I saw a hill looming ahead and my body changed its tune to, “Heck no! I am NOT running up that thing!” So I walked. As I rounded the corner I saw a lady out walking her dog so I broke into a jog, pasted a “good morning” smile on my face, and tried to control my desperate breathing until I passed her. That’s pretty much how my morning run went: jog on the flat surfaces, slow to a walk up the hills, and posed as an experienced runner as I came across other people. Who knows, I may even do it again tomorrow…if it’s not raining…or cold…or…


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