Lazy Sunday

I said I’d start blogging more, so here goes nothin’ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ok, my mind’s blank. . . Lately, I’ve been reading this book called If You Want To Write by Brenda Ueland. In the book, she says you must spend take time during the day to just sit in silence with your notebook open and pen in hand and writing will flow naturally from you. She recommends this silent sitting for at least an hour a day, though twenty minutes would work to start with. . . Seems like a waste of time to me. There’s no way I could sit quietly for a hour a day. I’d start thinking of all the other things I should be doing and at the end of the hour I’d feel guilty for not doing all the things I remembered I needed to do. . . It’s a good book though, and she gives plenty of other advice that I’ve found helpful. For instance, she says to write for yourself rather than for other people because you won’t feel like you have to edit your writing to fit grammar rules or to please other people resulting in writing that is more naturally “you.” See, I even used that advice in that last sentence. Normally I would have seen that the sentence was something of a run-on and could probably sound better if I broke it down into two separate sentences, but not now. That’s the way I wanted to write it and that’s the way it’ll stay. No one’s editing it anyway and I highly doubt anyone cares. How freeing! Now I can write about whatever I want in whatever way I want! Now that that’s settled……….

On to Valentine’s Day! The sappy holiday is Saturday and I have big plans this week! Starting with. . . baking yummy pink and red heart-shaped sugar cookies. (Which reminds me that I forgot to get baking stuff while I was in town Whoops!)  If I remember, I’ll post some pictures when I’m done and y’all can drool over them. While I was in town forgetting to buy sugar cookie dough, I ran across these really cute Crayola valentines. You actually get to color the valentine yourself before giving it to your sweetheart! Cute! So, of course I bought them! I’ll post a picture of those too. Rumor has it, Brandon’s valentine plans include taking me dancing Friday night. I really don’t know what all we’re doing ’cause he’s big into suprises (what a sweetie!), but I do know we’re doing something Friday AND Saturday and the Friday activity is dancing. I never know what to get him for events like these, but this time I think I came up with the perfect gift. . . I’m gonna tell ya what it is ’cause I know he doesn’t read my blog. . . He’s always trying to get me to go paintballing with him. . . once he even took me to look at paintball guns (as if that’s what I want to spend 300 bucks on). I prefer to look at paintballing as one of those activities that couples do one their own when they need time to themselves. You know, Brandon spends the afternoon paintballing with the guys and I sit home and do my nails and read or something. . . But I’ve decided to make an exception this holiday season. For Valentine’s Day, I’m going to make up a gift certificate that says I’ll go paintballing with him one afternoon; no complaining, no wise cracks, and no hiding in the bushes the whole time. If anything is going to show him how much I love him, letting him shoot me with paint will.


Sunny Saturdays and Chick Flicks

It was a beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon – the perfect ending to the month of January – providing hope that the cold, gloomy days of winter will one day melt into the gorgeous bloom of spring. Sadly, I’m sure it’s not safe to bust out the flipflops yet as winter last ’til about May around here. But this afternoon you could almost forget that tomorrow will likely be wet and freezing.

So what did Erica and I decide to do on this most rare beautiful afternoon? Why, go to a dark indoor theater of course! We did enjoy the sun on the walk from the car to the theater, and it was worth it for multiple reasons: 1. It was just about free ’cause we took in a whole pickup load of pop cans, 2. My Regal card got me a free movie ticket for next time, 3. We saw “Bride Wars.” Kate Hudson + Anne Hathaway = good chick flick. It was a cute movie that humorously portreyed the lenghts that women will go to for the “perfect” wedding. Guys may not understand this, but girls come out of the womb planning their big day. Every little girl dreams of spending thousands of dollars on a white dress she’ll wear once and a cake that looks prettier than it tastes (not that she’ll be able to eat it anyway ’cause one bite will pop the buttons of that overly tight dress wide open). I think Erica and I enjoyed the movie even more because we identified somewhat with Liv and Emma. One night, we grabbed a stack of bridal magazines, 2 journals, a pair of scissors, a roll of tape, a package of Oreos, and a jar of peanut butter and made our own wedding journals. We spent the night cutting out pictures and dreaming of our big day. Fortunately, Erica wants to get married on the beach and I want a traditional church wedding, otherwise we could end up like the girls in the movie fighting over who gets the venue they both want. I doubt we’d end up in the catfight that they did anyway. But then again, our lives probably wouldn’t make a very entertaining movie either.

We did have an almost surreal, movie-like moment on our way out of the theater, though. We were walking through the lobby, laughing about the movie and quoting our favorite lines when this guy on a cell phone turns around and shushes us. At first we kinda blushed and mumbled, “Oh, sorry,” but then we recovered from the shock and were like, “Are you kidding? That guy just shushed us. . . in a public setting!” Well mister, you just march yourself somewhere quite if you want to talk uniterruped. The world is NOT your phonebooth! Oh well, it gives us something funny to talk about in the coming weeks and months or however long it takes ’til something else is funnier.

All in all, it was a good Saturday. Sunshine, a good movie, and quality time with my best friend. That’s what weekends are all about.