Blogging and Baking

Um. . . so, I haven’t written anything in awhile because I’ve been too busy reading other people’s blogs. They trap you on purpose, you know. You log in to write on your own blog, but they put up all these other people’s blogs and you look at them and think, “Ooh, that looks cool,” and then you read it and at the bottom there’s a link to similar blogs and you read those too. By the time you’re done reading everybody else’s interesting stuff, you’ve forgotten to update your own blog. Darn those people who are more interesting than me!

Anyhoo. . . the point of that was to say that I found this really cool blog that I like lots and lots. . .and to justify myself for not updating this in a week. So, y’all should visit this blog . . after you finish reading my super awesome blog, of course. I love the Bittersweet blog ’cause it’s all about crafts and baking! And the writer is humerous – that’s always a plus. All the recipes on the blog are vegan (whatever that means). I think being vegan means you don’t eat something, but I don’t know what that something is. Vegetables, maybe? If that’s the case, I’m vegan and that blog is right up my alley!  I stumbled onto this blog a few weeks ago and it made me want to do some Christmas baking real bad. . . alas, I cannot because I live in an apartment with an ill-equipped kitchen and I’m too cheap to go out and equip it. Not only that, but the oven is demented and would probably burn my cookies then set the smoke detector off. Unfortunately, that has happened on numerous occassions, usually either late at night or early in the morning. On the plus side, I’ll be home in a week and there’s a perfectly functional kitchen there, so I’ll just do my Christmas baking last minute like everyone else.

Speaking of going home, today was our last day of class. It was kind of sad which is weird ’cause I can’t remember ever being sad that a class was over. As Dr. Leland was preparing us for life outside of the FOTF bubble, it started to hit me that I’m leaving this safe haven to face the world on my own. Over the last three months I’ve gained an arsenal of worldview ammunition and now I have to go out and use it by myself. No one at home has learned the things I have and it’s my responsibility to share it with them. Kind of intimidating, not gonna lie. It’s easy to talk about hot topics here where everyone pretty much agrees with you. . . and even if they don’t, they’re at least respectful of your views. What am I going to do when I face someone who totally disagrees with me and is not so nice about it? I don’t like yelling, so I hope no one yells at me. But seriously, I’ve been equipped with the truth and now have the responsibility to be vocal about it. I pray that as I go home and go back to my normal routine, I won’t become complacent. I hope that the things I’ve learned will burn in me, that God’s truth will be like a fire in my heart (Jeremiah 20:9) so that I will not be able to hold them in.


One thought on “Blogging and Baking

  1. Mom says:

    I have a whole list of things that I want baked! And I know for a fact that you are just the girl to do it. Not only that, I may have, kind of, sorta like loaned you out to Mrs. Burkey seeing how she has no girls in her house and she said that all her boys do is consume. =) (jk)
    Lets see….weather permitting of course and you actually make it home by Thurs that doesn’t give us much time does it??
    Oh well, what gets done gets done and what doesn’t becomes treats for New Years!! Yay for the HOLIDAYS!!

    BURN baby BURN!! . . . I was speaking of your heart, not the baked goods of course.

    See you soon!

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