So, I Guess Blogging Is My Strength

A few weeks ago, I took the Strengthsfinder 2.0 test for one of my classes. The purpose of the assignment was to discover our top five strengths. One of mine was intellection. While I was reading the description, I felt like the author had been spying on me because it reflected my life just about perfectly. Here’s a sample of what was going on in my mind while I read:

“You are the kind of person who enjoys your time alone because it is your time for musing and reflection. You are introspective.” Finally! Someone who understands why I don’t have to be around people all the time! And I thought I was and antisocial freak!

“In a sense you are your own best companion. . . ” Crap. That sounds lame. I AM an antisocial freak!

“This introspection may lead you to a slight sense of discontent as you compare what you are actually doing with all the thoughts and ideas your mind conceives.” Ok, so I have good plans for my life, I just live them out inside my head instead of in the real world. . . Um, can I retake the test?

“Or this introspection may tend towards more pragmatic matters such as the events of the day or a conversation that you plan to have later.” That’s not too bad. It helps me plan and keeps me organized. Good skills to have.

“Wherever it leads you, this mental hum is one of the constants of your life.” Aaaaaand I’m stuck with it. Great.

Sooooo, I figured, since I obviously have all these really great life-changing thoughts and ideas floating around in my head I should probably share my vast reservoir of knowledge with the rest of the world. AKA I just wanted a place to dump my swirling sea of thoughts so that it might seem like I am actually engaged in the social world rather than just having really great conversations with myself.


One thought on “So, I Guess Blogging Is My Strength

  1. Grandpa Kuhns says:

    Whitney, I miss you so much….really enjoyed reading your blog….the one about work and doing it for the glory of God was just what I needed today.. Thanks so much, you are a true treasure to Grandma and I. We love you

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